Looking for the right place to train this summer for your athletic needs?

Before the summer comes to an official start we wanted to share a few brief ideas and thoughts on how to go about finding the right training facility to cater to your athletics needs. It seems that each day new gyms are popping up which can potentially leave the new trainee confused as where to begin when looking. Many of these gyms are self-proclaimed athletic performance centers and claim they are experts in program design, injury screens and so forth but may potentially have no place in making these claims.

1. Education and Certifications.

Do some research on the staff of the training facility. Do the trainers/coaches have college degrees in a health/fitness/exercise science related field? Do they have legitimate certifications from trusted organizations such as NSCA, ACSM, NASM, not some weekend seminar certification or online credentialing. Having the proper education and certifications shows that the trainer/coach is upholding a sense of dedication to their profession. It shows that they have taken the time to study and learn the science and theory of their selected field. Schedule a sit down with one of the trainers and ask him or her about their background, if they are professional they will be glad to do so.

2. Training Resume.

Does this facility actually train legitimate athletes? Can and do they train all levels from youth to high school to college and even professional and olympic level? Do they have anything to back it up, photos, videos, testimonials, can you walk inside the facility and see athlete’s in there training. Anyone can say they train athlete’s for their performance goals, but have they actually done so and done so for top competitors.

3. Facility Appearance.

Is the facility all nautilus machines, elliptical trainers, and arc trainers? If the answer is yet then this is most likely not the best choice for your athletic performance goals. Does the facility pride itself on teaching athlete’s how to move efficiently and with proper mechanics and utilize tools that reinforce that such as kettlebells, suspension trainers, olympic lifting barbells and weights and so forth? If this is the case then this very well could be the choice for you. Take a tour of the facility, look for what you specifically need. Does it have turf space, sleds, and functional training tools or just machine circuits and a plethora of cardio machines?

Here at SPI we have Doctorate’s in Physical Therapy, Board Certified Athletic Trainers, NASM and ACSM certified staff, Personal Trainers, and Precision Nutrition credentialed staff. We have trained athletes from all walks of life to as high as professional boxers, baseball players, hockey players, and even olympians. We pride ourselves on being the most comprehensive sports performance and sports medicine focused facility in the greater Utica area. Interested in getting more information? Email info@spiutica.com to set up your free consultation/assessment and see what we can do to help take your athletic game to the next level.


Speed Camp Registration Form

Speed Camp Registration Form

SPI Fitness Speed Camp

Please contact info@spiutica.com for individual and team registration information or print out the registration form. Payment is accepted on date of first session.

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