Athlete Spotlight: Joe Perrotta 8/22/14

SPI Fitness: Athlete Spotlight 8/22/14 from SPI Fitness on Vimeo.

Check out our athlete spotlight video on Joe Perrotta a Frontier League Pitcher making his come back from Tommy John Surgery!

Hip mobility and pitching

This article written by Ryan Monaco DPT, ATC addresses the importance of hip mobility and pitching in baseball. Ryan is a co-founder at SPI Fitness and is available for baseball pitcher’s bio-mechanics assessments inside of our location at the Field of Dreams Sports Complex.

baseball and running


Written by Ryan Monaco DPT, ATC and co-founder at SPI Fitness.This article addresses the application of distance running as a means for conditioning in baseball players and whether or not it is beneficial.

Hockey speed training

This article discusses important topics to understand when trying to add a speed training program for hockey athletes.

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