Sports Nutrition Workshop Coming Soon

SPI Fitness Sports Nutrition Workshop @ Field of Dreams Sports Complex

Saturday September 6th, 2014
10:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M.

2413 NY 5 Utica, NY 13502

What The Workshop Will Cover:

Pre-Workout Nutrition
Post-Workout Nutrition
Pre-Competition Nutrition
Competition Day Nutrition
Tips For Healthy Meal Planning
Supplement FAQs
Open Question and Answer Session

$10 For All SPI Fitness, And Field Of Dreams Members
$20 For Non-Members

Presented by SPI Fitness Staff
Precision Nutrition Certified

Please Email To Sign Up

Thoughts On Nutrition

There are many individuals out there such as myself that staying active is no problem, as a matter of fact it is a part of our life as we appreciate and see the benefit of being active daily. It pushes the mind and body. For people like this missing a workout is a bigger stressor than a tough day at work as it is so valued in our life.Physical activity is one of the most important things we can do to stay functional on a day to day basis especially as we begin to age throughout life.

What seems to be a tougher issue with most people is nutrition. We all think we know how to eat on a daily basis but having outside help on occasion will provide a great benefit. Firstly most people are truly biased when it comes to evaluating their diet. A great way to truly analyze your diet is to track your food intake for 2-3 days. This needs to be accurate and detailed and should include food eaten, time food was eaten, and quantity of food. Try it out and you may notice some major deficiencies in calories consumed, protein consumed, or even the opposite.

Precision Nutrition is a company that we here at SPI Fitness like to use to set our guidelines when helping clients with nutrition. We look at nutritional advice as the same with fitness, strength, and conditioning. No one person will have the exact needs and we evaluate all on a client by client basis.

In many cases people will avoid nutritional “coaching” or “consulting” as they feel they already know it all, or they fear being put on a strict diet plan that consists of weighing food, calorie counting, and obsessive meal timing. This is not the case with how things are done here at SPI Fitness along with Precision Nutrition.

Our goal is to empower and educate people to make the best possible choices for the MAJORITY of their meals. Notice we did not say ALL. Life is unpredictable and a good nutritional coach knows this. People will eat pizza, drink beer (hopefully good beer!) and it not always possible to have fresh organic grass fed meat along with fresh organic produce. We try here to help people look at nutrition as a meal by meal approach and work to strive for the best possible meal each time you eat. If a time comes where you have a not so healthy meal then we educated people on how to ensure there next few meals are quality. We like to recommend people follow the 90-10 rule in which 90 percent of the time you eat as healthy as possible while the other 10 percent you eat whatever you may desire. This helps avoid mental burnout and helps people stay on track and balanced.

This process helps us carry out the important message that a quality nutrition plan should be looked at as a lifestyle in which balance is the main concept.

Remember its never a bad idea to seek out some outside assistance to help take yourself over that hump when nutrition may be a lacking area in your overall wellness such as the PN (Precision Nutrition) coaching program here at SPI Fitness, five sessions that can drastically improve your outlook and decision making process in regards to your personal nutrition.

This article was written by Marc Giordano PTA, NASM-CPT, Precision Nutrition who is one of the co-founders here at SPI Fitness


SPI Fitness and Jr. Comets Hockey

SPI Fitness has just recently partnered up with the Utica Jr. Comets Youth Hockey Organization to carry out strength and conditioning, nutritional programming and consulting, and injury prevention techniques for all the athlete’s in the organization. SPI Fitness is very excited about this opportunity to  become an integral part in the further development of this great local amateur sports organization.